Interested in joining the DREAM Team?

The University of Toronto is situated on the ancestral lands of  the Huron-Wendat, the Seneca, and the Mississaugas of the Credit. We respectfully acknowledge that the DREAM lab and its members live and work on this beautiful land.

We encourage persons of every background to join the DREAM Team, particularly those underrepresented in STEM and/or academia, including those self-identifying as First Nations, people of colour, LGBTQ2s+ persons, or those who can bring a diverse point of view to the group!

General inquiries:

Interested students should email Dr. Golovin with a current CV, cover letter, and state whether funding is required or has been externally secured. A lack of external funding will not negatively impact an application.  The typical application cycle for a September start date involves applying to U of T in the winter, though January and May admits are also possible. Potential postdoctoral scholars should also outline the project(s) they would like to explore within the group.

Interested applicants should familiarize themselves with all admissions requirements (GPA, English language verification, etc.) which can be found here.

TIMING: The University of Toronto's September intake has an annual deadline of January 1st of that year. Typically right before this is when the majority of students apply and are accepted into the program. Accordingly, the best time to reach out to Dr. Golovin is in Nov/Dec. Emailed received right after the application deadline are not reviewed unless specifically applying to an alternate deadline.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: The University of Toronto has strict requirements for English competency. Please ensure you meet the minimum requirements before inquiring about a position in the DREAM Lab. Go here for more information.

Due to the number of applications recieved, only successful applicants will be contacted for further discussion.

Aerial view of St. George campus looking South, with CN Tower.

Specific Openings:

The DREAM Lab is currently not seeking new members at this time, though students with external fellowships are still encouraged to apply to Prof. Golovin directly.


Check out our Research Page to see what general topics the DREAM Lab is currently investigating. Our Publications Page also gives an up-to-date insight into the current work being performed by the DREAM Team.

Funding and Scholarships

The DREAM Lab offers competitive annual stipends to all PhD students for the entire tenure of their degree. However, securing external scholarships is an excellent way to conduct a more personalized doctoral degree, and can make life in the somewhat expensive city of Toronto more enjoyable.

PhD/MASc: Here is a good starting place for International Awards (non-exhaustive list)

PhD/MASc: Here is a good starting place for Domestic Awards (also a non-exhaustive list)

Postdocs: Here is a good starting place for postdoctoral funding opportunities

Undergraduate students wishing to join the lab over the summer: start here

Eng Sci students check out ESROP here