The Durable Repellent Engineered Advanced Materials (DREAM) Laboratory

The DREAM Laboratory tackles challenges in sustainability, energy, and engineering through materials innovation. Key material technologies include:

  • Ice repellent surfaces
  • PFAS-free oil repellent chemistries
  • Anti-biofouling coatings
  • Superhydrophobic, superomniphobic and omniphobic surfaces
  • Drag-reducing coatings
  • Fiber composites
  • Coatings for additive manufacturing
  • Adhesion and interfacial mechanics
  • Sensors and smart materials
  • Metamaterials
  • Bug-phobic and insect repellent surfaces
Golovin researcher b-roll textile modification 4


Surface and interface modification

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Fluorine-free oil repellency



Mechanics of interfaces



Solid liquid interactions

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