The Okanagan Polymer Engineering Research & Applications (OPERA) Lab

Cavitation along interfaces

Low Interfacial Toughness (LIT) Materials

The Durable Repellent Engineered Advanced Materials (DREAM) Laboratory

The DREAM Lab tackles challenges in sustainability, energy, and engineering through materials innovation. Key material technologies include:

  • Ice repellent surfaces
  • Perfluorocarbon free oil repellency
  • Anti-biofouling coatings
  • Superhydrophobic, superomniphobic and omniphobic surfaces
  • Drag-reducing coatings
  • Fiber composites
  • Coatings for additive manufacturing
  • Bio-based and environmentally friendly textile modification
  • Adhesion and interfacial mechanics
  • Sensors and smart materials

Our recent study on Low Interfacial Toughness (LIT) materials is published in Science!

Behrooz's work on rendering any surface omniphobic is published and selected for a journal Cover Photo in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!